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Federation President's Message
Many of our Arizona NARFE Chapters are “dark” during Arizona’s HOT summers. But NARFE volunteers continue with a variety of activities to support NARFE’s goals and benefit NARFE members. The next major activity on many NARFE calendars is the National Convention in Orlando, FL (August 24 - 28). Convention delegates and Chapter Presidents should have received their “Bylaws, Standing Rules & General Resolutions” book in the mail. It is important for delegates to the National Convention to review the proposed new Bylaws and Standing Rules, as well as the other proposed Resolutions, in order to participate in the discussion and vote on these measures.

I want to thank Sunnyslope Chapter 1686 for hosting a “Resolutions Workshop” on Wednesday, July 23. I believe there were seventeen Convention Delegates and other interested NARFE members in attendance. There was an interesting discussion on several of the resolutions and on NARFE governance and structure. I provided each attendee my own “cheat sheet” for use in understanding and evaluating the 43 proposed resolutions. Note: If you would like a copy, send me an email at narfeaz@cox.net.

I am pleased to report that seven Arizona NARFE Chapters (out of 17) will be represented at the National Convention by delegates from the Chapters. Nine Chapters will be represented by proxies, who may vote on behalf of the absent Chapters on measures sent to the ballot (generally for National Officers and certain Bylaws amendments). One Chapter has yet to complete the required Credentials form. Your Chapter Delegates will be representing you at the National Convention, and deserve your support. These Delegates will be volunteering their time and attention on your behalf. In most cases, they will also be incurring considerable personal expenses in order to represent you and support NARFE’s efforts to protect your earned benefits.

Arizona NARFE members serving as your National Convention Delegates include:

- From District I: Chapter 1686, Sunnyslope - Carol Culbertson and Lois Gossett; and Chapter 1789, Sun City West - Daniel Reilly, Victor Peterson, and Regina Adelman.
- From District II: Chapter 55, Tucson - Etta Bryant and Michael Bryant; and Chapter 1874, Roadrunners - Roger Corner, Mervyn Stuckey, Karyle Stuckey, Norman Dewey, and Shirley Dewey.
- From District III: Chapter 266, Yuma - Stanley Gourley.
- From District IV: none.
- From District V: Chapter 1234, Scottsdale - Dee Price, David Foulk, Anita Foulk, Jo Ann Henderson, and Richard Frederick (if able); and Chapter 1505, Tempe - James Keyser, Wanda Bales, and Coral Van Hooser.
- I will serve as Arizona’s Delegate-at-Large.

Also, three Arizona Delegates will serve on National Convention Committees: Dee Price (1234) on the Ballot and Tellers Committee, Victor Peterson (1789) on the Sergeant-at-Arms Committee, and I will serve as Vice-Chair of the Bylaws Committee.

Still trying to find an easy way to contribute to NARFE’s success in protecting your earned benefits? Why not volunteer for an appointed position of the Arizona Federation of NARFE Chapters? We are looking for a Federation Service Officer, a Federation Public Affairs Officer, a Federation Membership Chair, and a State Legislative Officer.

We are all well aware of the continuing decline in NARFE’s membership. Just a couple of weeks ago, NARFE’s total membership dropped below 240,000, a loss of over a quarter million members since the mid-1980s. Many of us are looking to the implementation of the Future of NARFE Committee recommendations to help stem the flow. In the short-term, NARFE has announced a September Membership Drive. So, what’s in it for you? Recruiters will receive $10 for each new member, current OR retired, who joins in September 2014 (applications must be postmarked, and calls or website joins must be received, by September 30). In addition, all September recruiters will be entered into a drawing, once for each new member they have recruited in September, for a Kindle Fire tablet. Winner will be randomly selected from this pool. To support this September Membership Drive, the Arizona Federation will MATCH the “finder’s fee” of $10 (for a total of $20 per new member recruited). Recipients will be determined by the September recruiting report (M-260) for our Federation. Rewards will be presented by Federation officials at the annual holiday parties in December. Happy recruiting!

The latest NARFE Insider provides a tally of NARFE e-activists and e-messages so far in this election cycle (January 2013 to date). Arizona NARFE members have sent the ninth (9th) most e-messages of any NARFE Federation (state). Well done, Arizona NARFE activists! Finally, don’t forget to vote in the Arizona primary election on August 26. Be sure to consider NARFE issues as you decide on your preferred candidates. And don’t miss out on the latest legislative developments - sign up for GEMS on the NARFE website (www.narfe.org).
See you in Orlando!




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UPDATED:  June 18, 2014