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Federation President's Message
First I want to let everyone know that the name of the hotel where we will be holding our Biennial Workshop (training) has changed. It was formerly the Clarion Hotel and is now a Quality Inn. The address, including the exit number and telephone number remain the same. Watch for the green and white Quality Inn sign. The Call Letter, Registration Form, and the tentative agenda were emailed to every Chapter President and Chapter Secretary on February 1st. Every NARFE member is invited to attend. See your Chapter President if you are interested in attending.

The Workshop starts at 12:00 Noon on Friday, June 3rd and continues through 12:00 Noon on Saturday, June 4th. Friday afternoon we will start right off with a Question & Answer session on the Bylaw Changes and Resolutions that we will be voting on at the National Convention. This session will be conducted by RVP VII Rodney Adelman, Parliamentarian Paul Lamb, and Colorado Federation President Ted Van Hintum who represented Region VII on the Strategic Planning Committee. This session will give every chapter the chance to ask questions and obtain important information to take back to your chapter and use to decide how you want your delegates to vote. This will be followed by a session on how the Senatorial Legislative Liaison (SLL) and Congressional District Liaison (CDL) can coordinate with all the chapters in each Congressional District for legislative advocacy.

Saturday morning we will have a session on Membership and what the Membership Chair does. Are you logging in to the NARFE website using the “Secure Login”? If not, you should be and we will cover how to do this as well as how and when an F-7, Officer Roster List, is needed. This will be followed by a general Q & A session to allow everyone to get answers to their questions.

Our Arizona Federation State Legislative Officer is also attempting to get two of our Congressional Representatives to speak and give us a chance to see where they stand on NARFE issues.

Speaking of State Legislative issues, in The Republic (a Phoenix newspaper) on 01/27/2016, there was an article with the headline of “AZ: Arizona governor seeks authority to cut costs without Legislature’s approval”. Governor Doug Ducey is asking Arizona lawmakers to surrender oversight of state spending between regular sessions, if falling tax revenues put the state’s budget in the red. Our Arizona State Legislative Officer has contacted his 2 Arizona Representatives and Senator and the Democratic Caucus in both the House and Senate and they are against this; also, several Republicans are opposed to this. The Arizona Federation feels that this is bad business to allow the governor this authority. We need all our Arizona NARFE members to Contact Your State Representatives and Senator Now and express your opposition to this.

Arizona has two chapters that are struggling to get enough members to meet the “quorum” needed to hold a chapter meeting according to their chapter bylaws and many cases very old Constitution & Bylaw documents. What is a “quorum”? It is the minimum number of members that have to be in attendance in order to hold a meeting in accordance with the bylaws of that chapter. Do you have a copy of your Chapter’s bylaw document(s)? Do you know what the quorum is for your chapter? If a chapter does not have a copy of your current documents, you can email the National Office at fedchapsrvcs@narfe.org and request a copy.

Many chapter’s documents need to be updated but a chapter cannot vote on new updated bylaws without a quorum being present; according to your current documents. If your documents require a quorum of 15% of your members to be present and your membership has dropped substantially and/or many of your members are no longer able to attend meetings, this might be nearly impossible to get enough members to attend. Our Arizona Federation Parliamentarian, Paul Lamb, has offered to help any chapter in updating your documents. You can contact Paul Lamb at plamb@wildblue.net. If your chapter currently has a Constitution and Bylaws, the first step is to combine these two documents into a bylaws document and vote to approve that and then update those bylaws. Now, one important item, once bylaws are changed and voted on by the chapter they MUST be sent to the National Office for approval. They are not effective until approved by the National Office.

Our Federation Parliamentarian, Paul Lamb, conducted a very informative presentative on Bylaws at the Arizona Federation Convention in Sierra Vista last May and he also did another presentation at the Task Force Training Meeting in Phoenix last fall. The National Office has Form F-21, Chapter Bylaws Template, on their website to use.

In late January, I advised the Chapter Presidents that I had appointed Lois Gossett as the new Arizona Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinator. I want to let every NARFE member in Arizona to know that the Arizona Federation DOES support NARFE-PAC and DOES encourage every NARFE member to contribute to NARFE-PAC. As a separate article in this newspaper, I am providing you with an email dated February 18, 2016, which I received from Jason Freeman, Political and Legislative Specialist, regarding the use of our NARFE-PAC monies. I would have preferred some dollar amounts rather than percentages but this email does include an explanation of each of the categories. If you go to the NARFE website, log in and click on the “Information about NARFE-PAC” button on the Home Page and then go to the very bottom of that page you will see “Quarterly PAC Contribution and Disbursement Reports”. Click on that and you will see the “Contribution Reports” (4th Quarter Arizona contributed $15,233.50) and Disbursements (list of all candidates nationwide that have received PAC monies). In 2015, there were no PAC monies contributed to Arizona candidates but the Arizona Federation has been notified that one candidate, Tom O’Halleran running for the Congressional District 1 seat, and one representative, Rep Krysten Sinema, have requested PAC money. The Federation has recommended monies be given to Tom O’Halleran and as I write this, we are polling the chapters that have members in Congressional District 9 as to their recommendation on providing monies to Rep Sinema.

During the Legislative Conference in January, it was noted that if a chapter does not have a NARFE-PAC Coordinator listed on their chapter officer list, the National Office encourages each chapter to add the chapter president’s name as the NARFE-PAC Coordinator so that the chapter will get any information that is sent out to NARFE-PAC Coordinators. Go to the NARFE website and complete a new F-7 adding this position.

Since the last newspaper was published, I received an “Anonymous” letter from someone. I will NOT be responding to these types of letters. If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss these matters. If you call and no one answers, please speak slowly, leave your telephone number, and I will return your call. This letter had to do with our National Office building “that our officers bought-illegally”. That is far from the truth. The building in Alexandria, Virginia, was purchased after NARFE members voted, at a National Convention, to establish a separate building fund for that purpose. Proceeds from the sale of NARFE’s old building in Washington, DC, as well as contributions from NARFE members, were deposited into this fund to purchase the current building.

This is why NARFE members are encouraged to attend the National Conventions and vote on the bylaw changes and resolutions that are submitted by NARFE chapters and federations. The Arizona Federation has submitted both a Bylaw Change and a Resolution to change from 10 regions to 5 regions. What is the difference between a Bylaw Change and a Resolution. A Bylaw Change takes a two-thirds vote to pass and a Resolution takes 50.1% to pass. As the current NARFE National Bylaws state: Article V, Meetings, Section 1 Annual Membership Meetings, B 1 a – A chapter shall be entitled to one (1) delegate for each fifty (50) chapter voting members or fraction thereof.

Each chapter should have received an email that had the number of delegates for each chapter. If you do not have this information, please let me know and I can provide it. I would hope that EVERY chapter will send at least one delegate and hopefully your full number of delegates to the National Convention. I would also hope that each chapter will provide some chapter monies to help with their delegates’ expenses. The Arizona Federation has voted to give every chapter $100 for each delegate that attends the National Convention BUT the chapter is to give this $100 to each delegate that attended. Plus the Arizona Federation will give the chapter $50 provided at least one delegate attended.

It is now Income Tax time and EVERY chapter, without exception, is required to file a tax return even if they earned no income in 2015. IRS Form 990-N or e-Postcard is due every year by the 15th of the 5th month after the close of your fiscal year. The filing deadline for most chapters is May 15, 2016. Failure to file a tax return for three consecutive years will result in the loss of your tax-exempt status.

Dates to Remember

June 3-4, 2016 – 2016 Biennial Workshop (training) – Quality Inn, 5121 East La Puente (I-10 & Elliot Road – I-10 Exit 157), Phoenix, Arizona – Telephone (480) 893-3900
– Discussion of the Resolutions to be voted on at National Convention as well as Training
August 28, 2016 – September 1, 2016 – 2016 NARFE National Convention in Reno, Nevada
May 7-9, 2017 – Arizona Federation Convention – Holiday Inn & Suites, Mesa, AZ – Hosted by District 4

Thank you for your support and taking the time to read the Arizona NARFE News.




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UPDATED:  January 25, 2016