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Federation President's Message
The LAST Arizona Federation “Convention” is now in the history book. I want to thank everyone that attended for taking the time to attend and participate. I especially want to thank National Secretary/Treasurer Jon Dowie and his wife Doni for being here and thank Lorna Howerton, the New Mexico Federation President for attending. Also, thank Region VII VP Rodney Adelman for being there and all his help. In the future these events will be called a “Conference” since we will do all voting for officers and resolutions prior to the event.

This last “convention” was held at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Mesa and after being told at the last minute that this wasn’t included and that wasn’t correct, we found ways around these things. We also successfully met our beverage goals, both nights, in order to have the bar set up fees waives. I and the Federation Convention Committee (District IV) want to thank everyone for making this a successful convention.

I want to thank the following for bringing equipment (some we used and some we didn’t): Paul Lamb, Mike Bryant, and Ron Castaneda.

And, I want to thank District IV – Scottsdale Chapter 1234, Mogollon Chapter 1235, Saguaro Mesa Chapter 1469, and Tempe Chapter 1505 for all the work that they put into this convention. They met monthly to be sure that everyone was being taken care of.

Your newly elected Arizona Federation officers are: President Etta Bryant, Vice President Thad Andreski, Secretary Wanda Bales, Treasurer Jerry Goebel, District Vice President (DVP) 1 Ron Castaneda, DVP 2 Cris Gumbmann, DVP 3 Judy Law, and DVP 4 Coral Van Hooser. And we added a new position – National District Vice President (NDVP) and Kenneth (Kenn) Nolan was elected to this position. Kenn is a National member and will represent the National members on the Arizona Federation Board.

I have appointed the following Arizona Federation officers:
National Legislative Chair – Roger Corner
State Legislative Chair – Vic Peterson
Service Officer – David Foulk
Membership – Deborah Corner
Newspaper Editor and Webmaster – Bob Elgines
Alzheimer’s Chair – Clyde Gumbmann
NARFE-PAC and FEEA Chair – Lois Gossett
Historian – Jim Keyser
Parliamentarian – Paul Lamb
Immediate Past President – Rodney Adelman

During the Convention meeting on Tuesday morning, the new Arizona Federation Bylaws and Standing Rules were unanimously adopted. These documents will now be sent to the National Secretary/Treasurer Jon Dowie for approval before they become effective.

For those that were in attendance at the banquet on Monday evening, you know that the very prestigious Weingarten Award was presented to Charles (Chuck) Brumfield and Nola Brumfield. They are both Distinguished Members of Tucson Chapter 55 and it was an honor for me to present this award to them. Chuck was the Federation Treasurer from 1995-2001 and has served as the Tucson Chapter 55 president and treasurer and still is the chapter treasurer. He has also been treasurer for several other organizations. Nola was Federation Membership Chair for 5 years and has been Tucson Chapter 55 president and membership chair from 1996-2007 and currently provides members with their Distinguished membership. She has also been involved with several other organizations throughout the years. Congratulations to them for all their work for NARFE.

Region VII VP Rodney Adelman also presented chapter anniversary awards as follows: Scottsdale Chapter 1234 – 45 years, Mogollon-Payson Chapter 1235 – 45 years, Tempe Chapter 1505 – 40 years, Roadrunner Chapter 1874 – 35 years, and Casa Grande Chapter 1905 – 35 years. Congratulations for each of these chapters.

Meritorious Service Awards were presented to the following: Merv & Karyle Stuckey – Roadrunner Chapter 1874 for all their years of service to their chapter. The following certificates were presented to their respective District Vice Presidents to be presented on their next chapter visit: Ann & Ricardo Alonzo – Sierra Vista Chapter 1400 for being mentors to their new chapter president; Rosemary Tunnell, Havasu Chapter 1413 for her many years as the Scholarship Chair; and Susie Johnson – Tempe Chapter 1505 for her years doing the chapter newsletter.

Now that the Arizona Federation Convention is completed, our next event will be the Region VII Conference in Aurora, Colorado (this is just outside Denver on the southeast side) from June 29 thru July 1. This will be held at the Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast, 3155 South Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO. Region VII consists of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. All chapter members and National members in the region are invited to attend. The following speakers will be on the agenda: John Bryant from Social Security Administration, Philip Gardner from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Jennifer Hilts from First Command Financial Services, and Jessica Klement, NARFE Legislative Director. And possibly the new NARFE Executive Director. This has not been confirmed as I write this. The theme for the Conference is “Transforming NARFE Together”. Further information on the Region VII Conference can be found on the Colorado website www.narfe-colorado.com. I would encourage all members to attend this event and support Colorado. Remember, Arizona hosted this same event in 2013 and Colorado supported us. Now it is our turn to support them.

I know that most Arizona chapters “go dark” (do not have chapter meetings) during the summer months. Many of our members travel to cooler climates and visit family members. Travel safely but please stay alert for actions that Congress may attempt to take against our benefits. I hope every member has provided their email address with the National Office and is receiving NARFE Email System (NES) messages when there is an Alert to send letters and/or make phone calls to our representatives. Our representatives do not know what we want if we do not tell them and no response tells them that we are satisfied with the bill as presented. Unless you want to lose some of your hard-earned benefits, it is important that you either send them the letter by clicking on the link in the NES message or make a phone call to them.

During the summer months and especially in August, our Congressional representatives will be in Arizona. I would encourage each chapter to work with your Congressional District Liaison (CDL) and/or our Senatorial Legislative Liaison (SLL) Thad Andreski to set up a meeting with either the representative or senator or a staff member. As we are still looking for a volunteer to be a CDL for Congressional Districts 5 and 8, those chapters should try and set something up on your own. If you have questions, please contact the Federation Legislative Chair, Roger Corner, at cornerdnr@msn.com or call 520-390-6462. Remind them of how many federal employees and retirees live in Arizona and how important our airbases, post offices, VA Hospital, etc. are and what would happen if they were closed. How many jobs, both military and civilian federal employees, would be gone? What would happen to our economy? And, following any meetings, please send go to the NARFE website (www.narfe.org), click on the Legislation under Departments, then click on the big red button Take Action, and finally click on “1 Survey Campaign”. Complete the report on your visit. It is preferred that you submit your report this way but if problems doing it, send an email to the Legislative Department (leg@narfe.org) and report on your visit.

PLEASE do NOT forget to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT during your summer travels. If you meet someone new, see if maybe they are or were a federal employee and sign them up. If they don’t join right away, get their name, mailing address, and email address; send it to the National Office and they will put them on the Prospective Member list and periodically send them recruiting information. Remember, we currently have an Arizona Membership Incentive program. If you recruit 3 new members in 2017, you will get a $25 bonus and if the new member goes on Dues Withholding, there is another bonus. See Deborah Corner’s Membership Report.

If your chapter finds it necessary to add, delete, or change officers, please remember to go on the NARFE website and complete another F-7, Chapter Officers form. The National Office and the Federation cannot keep your chapters informed is we do not have your current members information.

As a reminder, the deadline for articles for the next Arizona NARFE News, which will come out in September, will be in mid-August; likely August 18th. Please remember to submit some articles and help our newspaper editor. Write an article on any activities your chapter has held during the summer months or upcoming events. You can include pictures; please send them in jpeg format as an attachment to the email. You can also put them into the article but the picture needs to also be attached. Be sure and give us the information on people’s names, chapter, etc.

Dates to Remember & Mark Your Calendars:
June 29 – July 1, 2017 – Region VII Conference in Aurora, Colorado
August 26 – 30, 2018 – 2018 NARFE National Conference in Jacksonville, Florida
August 30 – September 3, 2010 – 2020 NARFE National Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

Please have a safe summer. We know that many will go or have gone to cooler climates. Stay healthy and enjoy yourselves!

Thank you for your support and taking the time to read the Arizona NARFE News



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UPDATED:  July 14, 2017