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Federation President's Message
First I would like to report to you on the Federation President’s meeting at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada; the site of the 2016 NARFE National Convention. For the first time, the National Executive Board and the Federation Presidents met together for the entire time.

Tuesday morning started off with a Legislative Update by Jessica Klement and Sarah Weissmann. A few points: Regarding NARFE-PAC, do NOT leave the NARFE magazine that has the NARFE-PAC wrapper on it at the Member of Congress’s (MC) office and do NOT talk about PAC or political contributions. Only talk about NARFE issues at these meetings. This includes visits either at the MC’s office or a MC visiting at a chapter meeting. You can talk about NARFE-PAC and political contributions at a fund raising event outside the MC’s office. One source to find out when your MC is holding meetings is to go to the NARFE website, login, click on “Legislation” at the top of the page and on the left side there is an item “Town Hall Meetings” Another source is to go to the MC’s website.

Tuesday afternoon we heard from Bridget Boel, Jennifer Bialek, and Monica Williams on Membership, Marketing, and New Business. There will be a NEW Incentive Program running from September 1, 2015, thru December 31, 2015. A recruiter will receive $10 from NARFE HQs for every new member recruited. More information will be forthcoming and the prize is still to be determined. The National Office is and continues to do a lot of testing and research to determine what people want in order to join NARFE. Online leads get a 6-part email cultivation series over a 45-day period and 7.5% of these prospects become members. Watch for further information as the Arizona Federation will meet in September and will be discussing a possibe match of the $10.

Affinity Partners offer discounts to members. Sponsorships pay for Brand exposure. NARFE has five NEW affinity partners – LegalShield & ID Shield, Beltone Hearing, Local Hospitality, Verizon FIOS, and Sprint. Watch your magazine for these and other new affinity partners. These partners and sponsors add non-dues revenue to NARFE and we need to use their services when possible.

On Tuesday evening, the Region VII Vice President, five Federation Presidents, and the Arizona Federation Parliamentarian met to discuss the Strategic Planning (SP) subjects. This was a very informative discussion with many suggestions and ideas pointed out. This meeting was held so that Region VII would be prepared to discuss these items on Wednesday.

All day Wednesday the attendees engaged in an extended discussion of the progress of and key issues facing NARFE’s Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). These issues were discussed with the facilitator company, Sabatier. The SPC was to meet in July and then submit their recommendations to the Strategic Planning Team (SPT). The SPT will then prepare the Strategic Plan for NARFE’s future. When the plan is completed, it will be submitted to the National Executive Board (NEB) and Federation Presidents (likely in November) and the Federation Presidents will share this information with the chapters. After this the resolution(s) will be prepared to be voted on at the 2016 National Convention in Reno. Chapters should start making plans for their delegates to attend the Convention and vote on these important resolutions on NARFE’s future.

Thursday there were updates via webinar with Chris Farrell on State Legislation and David Snell on Federal Benefits. A new Service Officer Training Manual is being developed and should be available shortly. (For more information on benefits, please contact your Chapter Service Officer or David Snell in the National Office.) The IT Division is working to bring all databases in house and updating and better securing the NARFE website. The login process has changed with new screens, there will be 3 secret questions, and if you try to login 5 times and it is not correct, you will be locked out for 30 minutes. The NARFE Blog is now for all members not just the eMembers.

By the time that you receive this, we will be nearing time for the FEBHP Open Season. There will be a MAJOR change of “Self Plus One”, to be effective January 1, 2016. The premiums for all plans are not known at this time but it is anticipated that the Self Plus One plan will be less than the Family plan. If anyone wants to change to the Self Plus One Plan, you MUST complete the form. Just because you are a couple or single parent and one child or a partnership, this change is NOT automatic. You must obtain the form, complete it, and mail it in. You will NOT be able to complete this form online at OPM. For help completing this form, contact your local chapter.

I would ask all NARFE chapters/members to start preparations to assist the Federation in attending these agency health fairs to recruit new members. There are health fairs all over the state and some are only an hour or two and others run for several hours. Your District Vice President (DVP) will receive the list for each district. Until we can get someone to volunteer as District III VP, I will get this information to the District III chapters. Please volunteer to help recruit some employees and explain why they should belong to NARFE and protect their benefits.

I would also like to make it very clear that the Arizona Federation DOES support NARFE-PAC. For the 2nd Quarter (April 1 to June 30, 2015), Arizona had 255 contributors and donated $7,057.50. This was the largest amount donated in Region VII. This was an average $27.68 per member; Colorado and Utah both had a higher average than Arizona did. Please continue to support NARFE-PAC with your donations.

As you know, the Arizona Federation has appointed some Congressional District Liaisons (CDLs) and a Senatorial Legislative Liaison (SLL). These CDLs and SLL are to be the key NARFE representative who presents the NARFE position to their Member of Congress (MC) and/or their staff member. Each CDL and the SLL will coordinate legislative efforts among the NARFE chapters within each Congressional District (CD). This is NOT meant to prevent any chapter from contacting their local representative and we urge every member to continue contacting their representative and sending those emails and making phone calls to protect our benefits. We do ask each chapter to coordinate their MC visits with their CDL or the SLL for both senators. As of the writing of this article, the following have been appointed to the following CDs:

CD 1 Rep Ann Kirkpatrick – Vacant
CD 2 Rep McSally – Vern Pall
CD 3 Rep Grialva – Vic Peterson
CD 4 Rep Paul Gosar – Larry Gordon
CD 5 Rep Matt Salmon – Vacant
CD 6 Rep Matt Schweikert – Lois Gossett
CD 7 Rep Ruben Gallego – Vic Peterson
CD 8 Rep Trent Franks – Vacant
CD 9 Rep Krysten Sinema – Coral VanHooser
Senator McCain and Senator Flake – Than Andreski

We are still looking for volunteers to cover CD 1, 5, and 8. If anyone is interested, please contact me at narfeazfp@gmail.com

The Arizona Federation is also looking for a NARFE member from Yuma Chapter 266, Havasu Chapter 1413, or Mohave Valley Chapter 1467 to volunteer to be the District Vice President (DVP) for District III. For information on what a DVP does, you can contact your Past DVP, Dee Elgines at deez174@hotmail.com or myself. The DVP attends the three (3) Federation board meetings (January, May, and September) and is an elected member that votes on all Federation issues. This is a way to learn more about NARFE and meet new members.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication of NARFE and the Arizona Federation and for taking the time to read Arizona NARFE News.




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UPDATED:  September 20, 2015